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The Ghazal Family - Princess Gabriella's Infant Session

Did you know the name Gabriella means "devoted to God"? I did not know either until just now, when I looked it up lol. What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby! It is said that when naming your child you name them in order to fulfill what it means. Alright alrighttt enough of knowledge nuggets. I loved capturing all of the Ghazal's family's special moments during our session. We started out with fall themed photos of Gabriella (aka GG) who looked so cute in her little white dress with her little headband and her little fingers and her toes. From there we moved on to moments of GG with mom. Gabriella is Stephany & Christian's first child and they honestly seem like such pro parents! They were both so sweet and patient during the entirety of the shoot. Some people may not know this, but photographing infant sessions takes at least two hours because the baby has to be fed, changed & taken care of so it can be a lot for the parents to juggle, but Stephany & Christian took their time and did everything with such ease. At around sunset, we moved outside to capture some family photos in the comfort of the Ghazal's back yard. Really loved the way these turned out. Congratulations to Ghazal family! So happy to see this family grow <3

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