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A Special Family Photo Shoot at Washington Park 

There's nothing quite like a brisk August day in downtown Albany to make for a perfect family photo session. When my friend Stephanie asked me to photograph her families portrait session I was more than ready to hop on board! Hanging out with this crew was so much fun! Everyone was super sweet, goofy and ready to strike a pose! It's not every day that these five cool cats can arrange there schedules to spend the evening  together, so they made sure to celebrate with some wine at the park! 

After our shoot was over, we made our way to Kismet Mediterranean Grill where we shared a mutual love for babaghanoush, chicken shish kabobs and more fine wine. If only all my clients treated me to an delicious dinner  ;) Check out these photos!

Danielle's Saratoga Springs Portrait Session

Saratoga Springs may be a jungle when it comes to parking, but I LOVED photographing Danielle's portrait session here. Congress Park is gorgeous and the occasional carousel ride and alley way make for a charismatic photo shoot :) Check out this babes photos!    

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